1. Using Feedly in Chrome just got a lot easier

    Posted September 15, 2013 in How-to  |  No Comments so far

    When Google Reader died I switched to using Feedly. I like it a lot – enough that I don’t miss Google Reader – but one thing that’s been a bit of a headache is easily subscribing to RSS feeds from within Chrome.

    In the days of Google Reader it was pretty straightforward but the Feedly transition made that process a lot harder. Various Chrome extensions failed to solve the problem, subscribing me to comments feeds instead of main feeds, or simply failing to find feeds at all. Before long I’d reached the last resort of viewing source, doing a Ctrl-F for “.rss”, then copying and pasting that into the Feedly web interface. Going through those steps is enough to make you think that RSS is indeed doomed.

    Anyway, I’ve just found out how to sort this problem out once and for all, integrating Feedly with Chrome just as Reader once was. The solution is posted over here at Coderwall by Rod Hilton and will let you add RSS feeds to Feedly using the standard Chrome RSS extension. It’s just like in the good old days and will allow me to spend a few more months pretending to myself that RSS has a future.