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Although I don’t post about music very often on this site, it’s something of an obsession to me. I’ve released a few records in my time and have also been DJing since 1993, so have quite a few mixes available online. This page contains a continually updated set of links to each of these.

Offworld Party Time (2004)

direct download (mp3, 66.5Mb, 72mins)
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This mix was the first one I recorded in Ableton Live. The main idea was to fuse modern, abstract dub techno (think Basic Channel / Chain Reaction, Deep Chord) with classic Chicago acid and hip house from the mid-late 1980s. It sounds like a strange mixture but it’s received a lot of positive comments over the years.

Bleep43 Podcast January 2007 (2006)

direct download (mp3, 85.5Mb, 61mins)
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Produced for the Bleep43 series of podcasts (which I highly recommend), this set features a fairly diverse collection of music. It starts off in quite a contemplative ambient vein, with tracks from Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. The middle section is pretty varied with a couple of new wave tracks from Talk Talk and Tears for Fears alongside Drexciya, Legowelt and that kind of thing. The tempo picks up in the final segment in which you’ll hear Robert Hood, Round One and Planet Patrol.

Age of Paranoia (2005)

direct download (mp3, 88.5Mb, 65mins)
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To be honest I’m not too sure exactly when I recorded this, I’ll check and update this page once I do. It’s another Ableton mix, and although not quite as adventurous as Offworld Party Time it’s still got a bit of character to it. It includes tracks from DJ Milton, Robert Hood, Mesak, Rene Lowe (aka Vainqueur) and Oliver Ho among others. Strictly speaking you’d call this a techno mix but it’s not hugely pacey and the tracks are all futuristic in an understated sort of way without being annoying.

Bring Me the Head of Fredrik Idestam (2006)

direct download (mp3, 88.2Mb, 64mins)
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A mix recorded on turntables in December 2006, this is pretty robust and punchy. A recurring theme is ‘claps on kicks’, shorthand for a specific techno sound associated with labels like Dance Mania and Djax – pretty stripped down tracky material, aimed at dancefloors but pretty serious at the same time. This mix is more for purists I suppose, this kind of music doesn’t win over many new converts outside of clubs (but inside them it’s extremely effective).

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  1. Gus
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    Hey Brendan, saw the write up in the evening standard about you. What a crack! You are now the one famous person i know.

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