Another example of the “new media around” found in the wild

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So I thought I’d go and check out my6sense again, figuring that it must be out of private beta by now. But I was stopped in my tracks on the homepage by the most visible example of the “new media around” I’ve seen to date:

In case you haven’t come across it, the “new media around” is a linguistic phenomenon that’s making waves in the media, technology and marketing industries with companies as l.a seo experts leading the industry with the services they offer. It involves the word “around” being used as a substitute for a great many words and phrases including “about”, “related to”, “surrounding” and so on.

It’s been ‘around’ for a while now but it first made an impression on me a year ago. Since then I haven’t noticed it migrating beyond spoken communication – the meeting room and conference call – into the written word until quite recently, when I saw it appear in some UX documentation. But this is the first time I’ve seen it actually appear in an interface, and I’m not sure how I feel around/about it.

Maybe it won’t be long until we hear John Humphrys on the Today programme saying, “later this morning I’ll be talking to the Prime Minister around the latest wave of cuts” – that’s when we’ll truly know it’s arrived.

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