The harsh reality of life as a Burger King ingredient

Posted August 18, 2008 in marketing  |  No Comments so far

A very strange tray liner, found in an airport Burger King, depicts some very strange goings-on.

The scene is from Veg City Airport, where passengers are being screened for their suitability as Burger King ingredients. It’s quite a cutesy idea but—as you can probably see above—it’s received quite an adult treatment. We can see:

  • A gherkin security guard preparing to cavity-search an onion
  • A magazine on the floor called “Playveg”, with a large-breasted carrot on the cover
  • Another magazine called “Green & Horny” featuring a topless pickle

It’s all a bit brutal isn’t it? What’s the thinking behind it? Have children become sufficiently desensitised, post-9/11, that they can laugh at things like anal cavity searches or jokes about porn? Or is Burger King trying to be deliberately “edgy”?

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