1. Radio Signals from a Parallel World

    Posted January 23, 2015 in news  |  No Comments so far

    A funny thing happened to our radio this morning.

    It normally turns itself on at 7am or so and tunes into the Today programme on Radio 4. At first I thought it had done just that, but after a few minutes I realised something very strange had happened: it was receiving radio signals from a parallel universe.

    What with it being very early in the morning, I wasn’t in a state to figure out exactly how it had managed to do this. As a general rule I try not to get my head around issues of transdimensional communication at least until I’ve had my morning coffee. All I knew was that I was listening to news from another timestream.

    This parallel timestream had a lot in common with ours. Radio 4 existed, as did the Today programme, and it even had the same presenters. And, just as in our world, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had only just died.

    The main difference, however, was that in this parallel universe Saudi Arabia was a progressive, liberal country, having undergone decades of root-and-branch reform. In fact, from the way it was talked about in this radio broadcast it sounded like a beacon of religious freedom and equal rights for women.

    It was really exciting to listen to and I found myself wishing that I inhabited that parallel universe and not this one, the one in which Saudi Arabia is a barbaric theocratic dictatorship which regularly beheads its citizens, treats women who drive as though they were terrorists and brutally flogs people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

    Oh well.