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    • "Welcome to the museum of lost interaction; a timeline of innovation. Nine exhibits ranging from 1900 to 1979, comprising audio recording machines, wireless morse communicators, portable video to the precurser behind iTunes. The museum holds an inspirational array of invention, guaranteed never to have been found, documented or exhibited ever before…"
    • "Good user interfaces are crucial for good user experience. It doesn’t matter how good a technology is — if we, designers, don’t manage to make user interface[s] as intuitive and attractive as possible, the technology will hardly reach a breakthrough…"
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    • "This is a collection of small multiples of game controllers of the main gaming systems from the past 25 years, spanning from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Wii. The images have been normalized, and the hands are all approximately the same size as each other, and thus the controllers all to scale…"

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    • The BBC have long been criticised (including by the BBC Trust) for not providing useful, effective links to external sites. Earlier this year it ran an experiment using Apture to give users "previews" of external sites – in popup windows, oddly enough. One wonders why they don't simply use straightforward text links. Anyway, they've published the results of the experiment. "We're talking to Apture to explore whether it's possible to extend their product to deliver the functionality you liked", they said. Good news for Apture, I suppose, but not so good for the rest of us who would like to see a move away from the "walled garden" mentality the BBC sometimes seem to display.
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    • Christoper Lawton of the Wall Street Journal on expected performance of online retail in the 2008 peak season. In recent years retailers have seen double-digit year-on-year revenue growth. Until recently there had been a hope that growth would be only slightly diminished by the economic downturn – but data from the first 23 days of November indicates otherwise. Only a late surge in online sales will deliver anything other than a 0-1% rise from 2007.
    • Blog post from Gutterbreakz discussing the recent hoo-hah about the Beatles previously unreleased "experimental" track, Carnival of Light. In short – who cares? Britain actually had a vibrant electronic experimentation scene in that period which was operating perfectly well even without the attentions of bandwagon-jumping popular musicians. Sadly not all of it exists in recorded form, but if you're interested this post contains a few names well worth tracking down
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