Portals of London is one of my favourite blogs at the moment

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I really love Portals of London, a blog which is compiling descriptions of all the interdimensional gateways to be found in the UK’s capital.

Last night I started reading the latest update, “North Circular spiral: The Andromeda Room“. But reading something that good so late at night is unfair to the writer and the writing, so I read it again today.

I had heard there was a South Circular, too. In my mind it was a mirror image of my road, joining up in a perfect circle around the city. At night, wondering where the cars went, I imagined them orbiting London. I pictured another girl, in her house by the South Circular, listening to the same cars drive by, an hour after me, watching the same lights sweep across her ceiling. A slow, circular pulse in the night.

I won’t try to describe or recap the piece here, but you can just go and read it right now.

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