Job Vacancy: Head of Dilemmas

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Leading online portal is currently recruiting a Head of Dilemmas.

The Head of Dilemmas is responsible for resolving all problems where two or more possible solutions exist, but none are practically acceptable. A proven track record in horn resolution, rock/hard-place avoidance and strategic rumination is essential, while experience of handling trilemmas and paradoxes is advantageous but not necessary.

As the Head of Dilemmas you will report to the Director of Indecision and will work closely alongside the Head of Quandaries as well as smaller teams focusing on Riddles, Pickles, Stumpers and Crises.

Cartoon of Head of Dilemmas

Yet another winning presentation from the Head of Dilemmas to the board. Could this be you in the hot seat?

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate a wide range of dilemma-handling techniques from formal logical analysis to hand-wringing and procrastination. Along with your application please submit a short (100 words) commentary on how you would apply these techniques to one of the following classical dilemmas:

This is an important hire for us due to the high volume of mission-critical dilemmas faced by our organisation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. May 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm [ Permalink

    Given that the partner in question is insufficiently committed to the relationship to make it clear whether the questioner’s presence is still wanted, and that going will cause trouble remaining will cause double the trouble.

    Procrastination is my usual technique of choice. However, as in this case, procrastination would be the equivalent of staying, the trouble would thereby be doubled. Therefore in the spirit of trouble reduction, and indeed hand-wringing, it seems the trouble will occur without my presence anyway, the logical solution is to go.

    Whether returning is possible having gone is not clear. That however is a different set of circumstances which will be crossed should they appear.

  2. May 7, 2011 at 7:43 pm [ Permalink

    A cogent analysis, real thinking outside the box stuff. You’re hired!

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