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  • Christoper Lawton of the Wall Street Journal on expected performance of online retail in the 2008 peak season. In recent years retailers have seen double-digit year-on-year revenue growth. Until recently there had been a hope that growth would be only slightly diminished by the economic downturn – but data from the first 23 days of November indicates otherwise. Only a late surge in online sales will deliver anything other than a 0-1% rise from 2007.
  • Blog post from Gutterbreakz discussing the recent hoo-hah about the Beatles previously unreleased "experimental" track, Carnival of Light. In short – who cares? Britain actually had a vibrant electronic experimentation scene in that period which was operating perfectly well even without the attentions of bandwagon-jumping popular musicians. Sadly not all of it exists in recorded form, but if you're interested this post contains a few names well worth tracking down
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