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Since October 2007 I’ve been working on a redesign project for Image Source, a stock photo provider not unlike Getty Images or Corbis. The site went live last night.

My company was initially hired to help flesh out the information architecture and design concepts. The central aim of the project was to build something that functioned more like a software application than a straightforward website, but without using Flash or Java. We went on to produce detailed specifications, site maps, activity flows and the full visual design for the site.

One of the design principles was that “image is king” – the interface design needed to be clean and minimal so as not to stand between the user and the site’s images. The above homepage screenshot gives a sense of how we achieved this.

The new site also makes use of horizontal scrolling, which is quite a radical departure from convention.

We were engaged to carry out over forty user testing sessions in Cologne and London to validate this concept and ensure that users wouldn’t find it too baffling. I conducted these sessions myself and went on to produce the analysis document that led to a series of final refinements being made.

From a technical point of view the project has been really ambitious. If you work in web presentation technologies, I urge you to go and have a play – I think you’ll be impressed with the quality of the coding and the adaptibility of the interface. The company that built the site, Orange Logic, did an amazing job. When we were handing over the functional specification back in November 2007, I was worried that the site was just too complex to be delivered without resorting to Flash. I’m glad to have been proved wrong!

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  1. September 4, 2008 at 12:29 am [ Permalink

    It’s pretty cool! I think I would have balked more at the horizontal scrolling if I hadn’t used CoolIris recently. But this is a good way of averting always-imposed vertical scrolling.

  2. September 4, 2008 at 10:15 am [ Permalink

    When I first used Cooliris I felt quite encouraged by its similarity to the Image Source UI – it’s nice to have done something that felt like a gamble at the time but then turned out to be similar to what a bunch of other people were doing.

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